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Welcome to the Maggie Walker Athletics Boosters Website 


Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School is widely recognized for its superb academics. What is less well known is the fine athletic program the Governor’s School offers. We have an outstanding coaching staff and award-winning athletes. L. Paige Hawkins is the Athletic Director. 


What makes our athletic program exceptional is the fact that 60 to 70 percent of our students participate in athletics. This level of interest is the reason we are able to field 22 varsity teams and almost as many JV teams with only 714 students. 


Funding Athletics at Maggie Walker


High schools typically depend on football ticket sales to support their athletic program, and many can generate thousands of dollars a game in ticket sales and concessions. Because Maggie Walker does not have a football team, our athletic program depends on the Athletic Boosters to fill in the gap between program needs and the athletic department budget. At most high schools, booster clubs provide supplemental support and extras for school athletic programs. At Maggie Walker, the Athletic Boosters provides a significant portion of the general athletic operating budget, without which the program would not exist. Each year we’ve been able to contribute close to $40,000 to athletics due to the generosity of our parents.   The primary source of this contribution is membership.   We strive to attain 100% membership from the parents of all of our student athletes.

The Athletic Boosters plays a critical supporting role to our athletes’ success. Donations to the Athletic Boosters allow us to help cover the costs of uniforms, equipment, team travel,off-site facility usage and capital improvements.In the words of Coach Holdren, “There wouldn’t be an athletic program without the Athletic Boosters.”

Your Participation is Welcomed

The Athletic Boosters is a wonderful way for parents to make a contribution to the school, whether in the form of a donation or volunteering time and energy. We welcome parent participation. The Athletic Boosters meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in room 106. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Please join us. 



Maggie Walker Athletics Schedule

Smoke and Scales 


Keep up on the results of our athletics teams on the MLWGS Facebook Page 

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The Athletic Boosters meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in room 106. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Please join us



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